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  • Dealership Contacts 865-366-5650
    • Gary  Helton Photo
      Gary  Helton
    • Frank Bohanan Photo
      Frank Bohanan
  • Sales 865-366-5650
    • Nick  Hill Photo
      Nick  Hill
      Sales Manager
    • Rick  Cutshaw Photo
      Rick  Cutshaw
      Sales Manager
    • Andy Boling Photo
      Andy Boling
      BDC Manager/Internet Sales
    • Nathan Phillips Photo
      Nathan Phillips
      Marketing Director
    • Marvin  Maples Photo
      Marvin  Maples
      Sales Associate
    • Mark  Harris Photo
      Mark  Harris
      Sales Associate
    • Jason Whaley Photo
      Jason Whaley
    • Rick
      Rick "Mississippi" Dykes
      Sales/Gravel Lot Specialist
    • David Brooks Photo
      David Brooks
      Sales Associate
    • William
      William "Bubba" King
      Sales Associate
    • Zachary Boling Photo
      Zachary Boling
      Sales Associate
  • Service 865-366-5443
    • Frankie  Bohanan Photo
      Frankie  Bohanan
      Service Director
  • Finance 865-366-5650
    • David  Fisher Photo
      David  Fisher
      Finance Manager
    • Jason  Whaley Photo
      Jason  Whaley